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Compliance Programs: Public Art

The Moscone Center houses a diverse collection of San Francisco's public art. These pieces were commissioned or placed as part of the City's Percent for Art ordinance which sets aside funding for the inclusion of art in the construction of public buildings.

The San Francisco Arts Commission's public art program, begun in 1969, is one of the first in the country. The Commission has produced a rich diversity of city-owned works for everyone's viewing pleasure. Sites range from The Moscone Center and the San Francisco International Airport to neighborhood recreation centers, police and fire stations, parking garages, hospitals parks and other facilities throughout the city.

Moscone South
Moscone South houses six works of interior art, as well as one large exterior sculpture installed just outside the Esplanade Ballroom building on the corner of Third and Howard streets. (See PDF for details.)

Moscone North
Moscone North exhibits an untitled acrylic and mixed media on canvas by Gustavo Rivera, commissioned in 1981. It is hung in the north upper lobby. The artist was born in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico, 1940.

Moscone West
Moscone West features two pieces of art that encompass a dramatic contrast in media. The interior piece is highly organic in material and function, and the exterior piece is a technologically sophisticated work of mobile electronic art. (See PDF for details.)

Public Art Program Information
For further information about any of these works of public art, please contact Jill Manton, Public Art Program Director for the San Francisco Arts Commission at (415) 252-2585.

Download PDF: Compliance Programs: Public Art

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