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Media Kit

Recycling Information for Show Managers and Exhibitors

Waste reduction offers significant benefits:
•Minimizes show's trash removal costs.
•Reduces Moscone Center's overall wastestream.
•Uses resources more efficiently.
•Benefits San Francisco's diverse community of nonprofits.
•Complies with state and local laws that mandate landfill diversion.

What Exhibitors and Show Management Can Do
Empty your corrugated cardboard boxes.
Throughout the show, staff will collect empty cardboard boxes in large blue carts marked "Cardboard Only" located around the perimeter of the exhibit hall floor and in uper lobby areas. (Please be sure the boxes are empty. No packing materials or literature.)

Put cans & bottles into recycling bins.
Deposit your glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles into the marked recycling bins. No cups allowed! Bins marked "Cans & Bottles" are located in lobby areas, on the exhibit hall floor, and near food and beverage catered functions.

RECYCLE: Label unwanted show literature with green recycling stickers.
After the show, why pay to transport boxes of unwanted literature and handouts? Instead, you can recycle them here! At show close, place a green recycling sticker on all unwanted boxes of paper - even pallet-loads full. We recycle all types of paper, including magazines.

DONATE: Label leftover merchandise with blue donation stickers.
At show close, any leftover merchandise, giveaways, reusable items, even shopping bags, can be labeled for donation to local nonprofits. Affix a blue donation sticker and set aside the items during move out. We'll make sure your donation benefits the local community.

Where can I get these stickers? Recycling Manager, Randy Nelson, distributes donation and recycling stickers directly to you just prior to the exhibit hall closing.

Call (415) 978-3425 for more information.
Behind the scenes, there are many more materials that will be recovered for recycling and donation. We also recycle wood, carpet padding, metals, and regularly donate foamcore signs, show decorations and even compost food.

Download PDF: Recycling Information for Show Managers and Exhibitors

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