Airwall Movement, Storage, and Path of Travel

Please review the most up to date CADs/PDFs for facility floorplans, including airwalls, their possible configurations and paths of travel. And please be sure to discuss any room resets that require the movement of airwalls with your Moscone Event Manager in advance.

It is important to pay special attention to the path of travel for any airwalls that have planned moves during the event. It is also important to note installed and stowed airwall placements, including panels that extend into meeting rooms/keynote rooms rather than ending flush with the airwall they cross, and those that accordion-fold along the wall inside the room rather than storing in airwall pockets.

It is imperative that production companies and show managers note airwall movement and timing in their production schedules, especially for events requiring room resets.

Some airwall moves need to be planned for overnight periods only, and all airwall moves need to take into account the equipment and activity in adjoining rooms.

Please note that room turns involving airwall movement will take more time to execute and will incur additional labor costs.