Items Eligible for Donation

Donation of Food

SAVOR catering donates leftover product and packaged or canned items from your show to partner nonprofits such as Glide Memorial Church and City Impact. Donated food is reported to you by weight in your post-show Sustainability Impact Report, generated by The Moscone Center. 

The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act passed by Congress in 1996 protects the donor and the recipient agency against liability.

Donation of Excess Show Materials to San Francisco Non-profits

Extra items from both show management and from exhibitors may be suitable for donation to one of San Francisco’s non-profits. Extra items such as pens, backpacks, bags, notebooks, water bottles and many other supplies or promotional items can find another use through donation.

Financial Donation to Mitigation Fund

The San Francisco Carbon Fund is the first fund of its kind to invest solely in local projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions close to where they were created – rather than large scale offset projects across the globe.The San Francisco Carbon Fund provides an opportunity to mitigate event-related greenhouse gas emissions by investing in projects within the City and County of San Francisco.

Financial Donation: How much should a conference spend on mitigation?
  • No strict rules dictate how much a conference should spend on mitigation. Some have calculated the amount based on the emissions generated by attendees’ air travel. Others chose a flat rate based on conference budget.
  • San Francisco’s local government believes so strongly in the Fund it invests approximately 13% of employee airfare related to city business.
Financial Donation: Do the funds get used by one project or many? 
  • The San Francisco Carbon Fund provides funding to a range of projects. Depending on how much you want to mitigate, your investment can be represented by an entire project, or combined with others to proportionally supply a project.
  • To find out more about the San Francisco Carbon Fund and how you can get involved, please visit their page here:

Gifting to San Francisco Nonprofits 

Occasionally events purchase particular items for use during the show, with the intention to donate those items to a local non-profit at the close of the show. Donations of this nature need to be collected from the exhibit floor and transported to the delivery vehicle by your general services contractor. Devoting resources to this effort on top of your show's move out requires advance planning by the contractor, so please make sure you include them in your planning process well in advance. Past donations have included a delivery van, sleeper sofas, and other furnishings and household items.