Electrical Installation Requirements

The provision and distribution of all electrical services in The Moscone Center is the exclusive responsibility of the licensed Electrical Contractor designated by the Licensee.

  • Any procedure requiring 20 amps of power or more must have power installed by the Electrical Contractor. This is true for all areas of the facility.
  • In a theatrical environment, IATSE crew may distribute power that has already been provided by the Electrical Contractor in order to support equipment being used by the theatrical production company.
  • In all other environments, the Electrical Contractor shall distribute power to other devices.
  • The convenience outlets (standard wall/floor outlets) can be accessed by attendees, clients and vendors without the support of the Electrical Contractor. All appropriate safety rules must be followed in these circumstances.
  • Any power meant for consumer use that is distributed within the meeting rooms, exhibit hall and public spaces must be supplied by the Electrical Contractor as this falls within the purview of the license that is held by the Electrical Contractor.
  • ELECTRICAL EXTENSION CORDS shall be 3-wire (grounded), #14 or larger AWG, copper wire.  Connectors must not be supported by cords.
  • ELECTRICAL WORK UNDER CARPETS must be done, or supervised by the decorator’s electrical contractor.  Round cords are not authorized under carpet.
  • Powerstrips being used in theater or classroom settings must follow the guidelines in the "Powerstrips in Session Rooms" document