Public Safety Emergency Reporting

The Moscone  Center is equipped with Fire Alarm Pull Stations located throughout the building. In addition, all buildings have white courtesy telephones available. The emergency number is 511 from any house phone (listed on handset) OR 415-978-3511 from an outside line. Detailed reporting procedures that are building-specific can be found in the Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Calls coming through the Emergency (511) Lines are to receive top priority.

To report an emergency you may press 511 on any In-house telephone, office telephone or on the white, courtesy telephones which are located throughout the facilities.  A decal stating “FOR EMERGENCY, CALL 511” has been installed on the top of the white courtesy telephones. If calling by cell phone, the full 511 emergency line telephone number, including area code is 1+ (415)-978-3511.  Extension 4021 is still to be used to call in-house security for non-emergency (security related) situations.  The In-house Security Control Room has 24 hour coverage.

When you call 511 to report an emergency, the In-House Security Supervisor/Officer will contact the appropriate Emergency Service Provider or In-house medical assistance, immediately. Please give the location of the situation so that the Supervisor can tell the Emergency Dispatcher which building entrance would be closest to the patient or incident.

Please note: When “911” is called by clients, guests, or a concerned employee, the call is re-routed and 911 can become inundated with calls for the same emergency. Also, not every person calling 911 is familiar with the building layout. Whereas, Security Supervisors/Officers, are very familiar with the layout of the building/s and are well versed at instructing emergency personnel/vehicles to the location closest to the patient and/or incident.

Once a call has been received on the Emergency (511) Line, all other telephone conversations or radio communications with the Control Room are to cease. During an emergency, the In-House Security Supervisor/Officer will be asked the following questions by the Emergency Dispatcher and must be able to answer those questions, uninterrupted. Please be prepared to answer the following questions so that the Supervisor/Officer can relay your answers to the Emergency Dispatcher:

Medical Emergency:

  • Is the patient breathing?                                                        
  • Is the patient conscious?                                            
  • What is the approximate age of the patient?


  • Where is the fire located?
  • Do you know the cause?


  • What seems to be the problem?
  • Give a description of the suspect/victim.
  • Is anyone armed?

If evacuation/relocation of an area is required, voice instructions will be announced through the public address system.

All fires active or extinguished shall be reported to the control room.