Costs to Consider

Every event is different, and comes with a unique set of priorities and their associated costs. In order to help Meeting Planners refine their budgets, we have created a checklist of potential ancillary costs your event may incur.

More detailed information about each of the items listed below is available by clicking on the link on the same line. Your Event Manager will be happy to assist you with identifying which of these expenses may apply to your event, providing the current rates, and generating an estimate for you.

Cost Center What's it For? Further Detail
 Advertising Commissions City commission on sold advertising in the facility common spaces Advertising Fees for Graphics and Branding
 After Hours Staffing Standard operating hours are 7am to 11pm. Work outside those hours will incur additional labor costs for facility staffing needed beyond standard shifts Facility Hours of Operation & Standard Staffing
 Booth Cleaning Labor costs for cleaning any decorator-installed carpet, décor, or furnishings Cleaning & Housekeeping
 Catering Costs associated with F&B service SAVOR . . . San Franciso
 Changeover Labor Cost for billable room resets Room Resets
 Coat Check Costs for staffing coat check services - a minimum of 2 attendants is required Coat & Luggage Check Services
 Compactor Exchanges Costs for trash compactor pulls Trash Removal
 Contract Security Costs for contract security staffing during your event Contract Security
 Damage Charges Charges for any damage to the facility during contracted dates Damage to the Facility
 Debris Boxes Costs for debris boxes for large, non-recyclable waste  Trash Removal
 Digital Signage Labor Cost for a dedicated technician for onsite changes Moscone Digital Signage
 Elevator Operators Labor costs for freight elevator operators needed beyond the standard hours of 7am- 11pm Elevators & Escalators
 Emergency Medical Services Hourly staffing cost for onsite EMTs for First Aid Offices Emergency Medical Services /First Aid
 Equipment Rental Cost to rent equipment for event requirements exceeding facility inventory Facility Equipment Inventory
 Fiber Services Cost for fiberoptic networking service inside The Moscone Center and/or extending to neighboring properties Fiber Networking Services
 Fire Watch Hourly rate for overnight Fire Watch as required by the Moscone Fire Marshal for special installations Fire Watch
 House Head Labor Hourly rate for Moscone House Head for keynote or other large rigging installations Facility Services-Theatrical Services Dept
 Internet & Telecom Facility Services quote for internet and telecom services and equipment Internet  & Telecom Service
 Linens in Non-catered Settings Rental and labor for linens utilized for non-catered functions Table Linens
 Lost Keys Charge for lost keys issued to show staff or vendors Meeting Room Keys
 Lost Lighting Remotes Charge for lost lighting remotes issued to show staff or vendors Facility Lighting
 Parking Meter Permits Cost to reserve parking meters for shuttle service staging and passenger loading/unloading Parking Meter Permits
 SF Parking Control Staffing cost for discretionary crossing guard officers SFMTA Crossing Guards
 SFPD Off Duty Officers Staffing cost for discretionary SFPD off-duty officers Off Duty SFPD & K9 Detection Services
 Sorting Labor Labor for discretionary sorting of recyclables and other waste streams to attain sustainability goals Sorting On Site
 Theatrical Services Equipment Rental for drape, truss, lighting, or other theatrical equipment from Moscone Facility Services Moscone Theatrical Services
 Window Branding Surcharge Fee for use of windows on upper levels for exterior graphics  Graphics and Décor