blue sign for all gender restrooms

The Moscone Center does not have permanently assigned gender inclusive restrooms. Clients may choose any restroom within the venue to designate for this purpose.

Best Practices

We encourage you to include the location of gender inclusive restrooms in your event information/maps to ensure that everyone who enters the facility is aware of bathroom options to make sure they know where to go.

We encourage you to explain why you are designating these restrooms for this purpose and how having this safe space is important for your attendees.


It is the responsibility of the event planner to provide signage to convert gendered restrooms. Signage should cover all gendered signage. Signage should include information on where the closest gendered restrooms are located.

Both gendered restrooms located next to each other should be made all-gender (rather than designating just the male or female restrooms for this purpose).

Moscone housekeeping staff will close restrooms periodically throughout the day to clean them. If you are planning to designate all-gender restrooms during your event, please communicate the location with your Event Manager in advance.