Hazardous Waste Disposal Rules & Regulations

Please inform your Event Manager in advance if your event is hosting activities that you anticipate will produce any type of hazardous waste.

Medical Waste Requiring Special Handling

California law requires all businesses which generate medical waste to treat that waste, or have someone else treat it, prior to disposal. Medical Waste includes:

  • Laboratory waste – specimen or microbiologic cultures, stocks of infectious agents, live and attenuated vaccines, and culture mediums.
  • Blood or bodily fluids – liquid blood elements or other biohazardous bodily fluids, or articles contaminated with blood or other biohazardous bodily fluids.
  • Sharps – syringes, needles, blades, broken glass.
  • Contaminated animals – animal carcasses, body parts, bedding materials.
  • Surgical specimens – human or animal parts or tissues removed surgically or by autopsy.
  • Isolation waste – waste contaminated with excretion, exudates, or secretions from humans or animals who are isolated due to the highly communicable diseases listed by the Centers for Disease Control as requiring Biosafety Level 4 precautions.

The disposal of medical/hazardous waste, the treatment and transportation of medical/hazardous waste must be pre-arranged with a qualified medical/ hazardous waste disposal company.

Universal waste / Electronics are a type of hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of at Moscone Center. 

"Universal waste" is a category of waste materials designated by the U.S. EPA as hazardous waste, but containing materials that are very common.  This includes e-waste such as television monitors, computers. 

Consult with your General Service Contractor to arrange disposal of any e-waste.

Other Hazardous Materials Management and Disposal

Hazardous materials or processes that will generate hazardous waste are not permitted in Moscone Center without prior approval in writing. Fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of move-in, a complete hazmat disposal plan with the following information should be submitted to your Event Manager.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Service Providers Index:

https://www.recyclewhere.org/ (HazMat Materials and Medical Waste)