Using The Moscone Center's Electronic Signage

The Moscone Center is pleased to offer several digital signs throughout the campus. These signs can be used for branding, directional signage, and sponsorships. **

Technical Specifications

For complete technical specifications, please download the Content Specifications sheet on the left navigation bar for specific requirements for each building's signs. 


Initial signage uploading and formatting is complimentary, however labor charges may apply if a dedicated technician is needed to make onsite changes or corrections. 

Content Design Best Practices

  • Avoid large regions of white or very light backgrounds as they are very bright, are more revealing of any small imperfections in the LED grid, and can overwhelm other content
  • Use darker, rich colors - the displays support a full spectrum of rich, vibrant color. And deeper tones display more effectively than lighter, pastel-oriented tones.
  • Avoid too much copy
  • Keep the use of static images relatively brief - only present on the display long enough to read a single sentence or two.
  • Break up longer messages. Text should be used sparingly and should be made as bold and easy-to-read as possible. Combining text with illustrative or photographic imagery with a strong focal point is optimal.
  • Avoid single pixel lines.
  • Thin horizontal or vertical lines often have difficulty rendering on LED displays, looking either jagged or disappearing altogether.
  • Use thick dotted lines. If horizontal or vertical lines are a must, it is recommended to use 2-3 pixel wide lines or thicker, or widely spaced dotted lines.

**Please note that the Moscone Center retains the right to display it's own content on digital screens, including but not limited to information, advertising, and sponsorships.