Rules and Regulations for Forklifts & Aerial Lifts

The following regulations apply to all persons and vehicles operating within The Moscone Center:

General Rules & Regulations
  • All lifts used in The Moscone Center must have “non-marking” tires.
  • ASM must grant permission in writing and in advance for all gasoline operated lifts. Notification to all employees must be made before operating these lifts within The Moscone Center.
  • Facility forklifts and man-lifts are not available for use or rent by Contractors.
  • Lift deliveries must be coordinated with your Moscone Event Manager.
  • Lifts should be scheduled for removal within 24 hours of end of show.
Safety Requirements
  • All forklifts, scissor lifts, cranes, etc. utilized within The Moscone Center must comply with emission standards as established by State and City agencies and The Moscone Center Air Quality Program. This must be accomplished by observing proper maintenance practices and installation of catalytic converters or diesel scrubbers on all lifts or cranes.
  • All lifts and motorized vehicles must obey the 5 mph maximum speed limit within The Moscone Center.
  • No lifts or other vehicles may be left in emergency exits, storerooms, traffic lanes, or on unprotected carpet.
  • The General Service Contractor must post safety-related signage at all high traffic intersections.
  • No forklifts, lifts or motorized vehicles are allowed on unprotected carpeted surfaces.
  • No forklifts are allowed in the Lower Mezzanine or exterior terraces of Moscone South
  • No forklifts are allowed in the Upper Mezzanine or Levels 2 and 3 of Moscone South without specific, written permission from ASM.
  • No forklifts are allowed on Levels 2 or 3 of Moscone West without specific, written permission from ASM.
  • No forklifts are permitted to load or unload off of any Moscone freight elevator – this pertains to both Moscone South and Moscone West.
  • Forklifts may not use emergency exits or exit doors; all freight must travel through portals reserved for freight access.
  • Forklifts operated on the street must have proper safety equipment including head and tail lights.
  • Forklifts must pass all emissions and safety standards as required by OSHA and The Moscone Center including reverse indicators and seatbelts.
Aerial Lifts
  • Only 1 -man lifts are allowed on terraces. Use of lifts on terraces should be reviewed with Moscone Event Manager prior to start of work.
  • OSHA certified High Visibility Safety Vests are required for all ASM/Moscone Center and Contractor Employees working as spotters for aerial lifts and/or counterbalance trucks (forklifts)

All Contractors are responsible for their employees and their proper operation of all lifts/motorized vehicles. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide training in proper operation of all lifts/motorized vehicles. Failure to abide by these rules may result in the suspension or cancellation of the Contractor’s permission to operate within The Moscone Center. ASM reserves the right to remove, at the expense of the owner, all equipment or personnel not complying with these regulations.