Mamava Suites for nursing mothers are located in Moscone Center South, and Moscone West. These suites provide a secure, private room with electricity for breastfeeding mothers.

The pods are not equipped with refrigerators, and Moscone Center does not provide refrigeration for breast milk.  


For more information please download the PDF Mamava Pods at The Moscone Center  from the sidebar.  Manufacturer website is


Moscone South's Mamava Suites (one standard, one ADA) are located on the Lower Mezzanine Level near Room 50

Moscone West's Mamava Suite is located on Level 2 near Room 2024

Mamava Pods

  • Mamava Pods for nursing mothers offer security and privacy
    Mamava Pod Interior
  • Mamava Pods offer nursing mothers security and privacy
    Mamava Pods, Moscone South