Production Schedules

Production schedules help ensure a successful event. Moscone builds its labor call based on the information provided in a production schedule. Production Schedules are due 45 days prior to the first move-in day for the event. 

Please note that standard operating hours for Moscone are 7am - 11pm. Work outside these hours may incur additional rental and labor fees.

Additional labor charges may apply if scheduled labor is delayed, and Moscone cannot guarantee room sets will be completed as scheduled. Please include any plans for staggered room sets, airwall movements, and any other areas that may require labor as additional charges may apply.

Within the production schedule, please provide the following information:

  • Location for staging full/empty chair racks on move in and move out
  • Timing for setting the following equipment:
    • Backstage area
    • Truss install
    • Tech risers
    • Main stage risers
    • Audience seating
    • Resets or room adjustments
  • Timing for striking the following equipment:
    • Truss removal
    • Audience seating
    • Main stage risers
    • Tech risers
  • Timing for rehearsals, including whether they are open or closed
  • Airwall configurations and timing
  • Skyfold door configurations and timing