Rules & Restrictions for Use of Pyrotechnics, Confetti Cannons, and Hazers


Moscone North & South:

Use of pyrotechnics (fireworks displays) in Moscone North and South is allowed with a permit issued to the Pyro Operator by the San Francisco Fire Department and with approval by the Moscone Center Fire Marshal. All City, State and Federal laws must be observed and a permit must be pulled by a certified Pyro Operator. Effects work is under the jurisdiction of I.A.T.S.E. Local 16 and should be closely coordinated with your House Head.

Moscone West:

The use of pyrotechnics (fireworks) is not permitted at Moscone West.


Confetti Cannons

Confetti projected through a cannon may be allowed in certain circumstances. Approval should be obtained through your Event Manager prior to use.

Confetti must be a minimum of 1”x1”. Metallic confetti is not allowed within the facility. Streamer type confetti is not allowed on carpeted areas.

The final schedule for confetti (rehearsal, event, amount of confetti) should be reviewed with your Event Manager, Househead, and the Fire Marshal prior to first use of the effect.

Additional cleaning charges will apply for both the immediate area and any of the surrounding areas where the confetti migrates during attendee movement.



Use of lasers or fog/haze machines within the facility must be approved by the Moscone Center Fire Marshal in advance. Please provide a written scope of the project detailing the desired effect, the level of effect (heavy, moderate, light), and the proposed dates/times and duration of each period of operations (rehearsals and event). The final schedule for hazing (rehearsals and event) should be reviewed with your Event Manager, House Head, and the Fire Marshal prior to first use of the effect.

The DF-50 Diffusion Fogger with a water-based solution is the only unit approved for use within The Moscone Center.