Safety and Access for Move Days

Fire Safety System Procedures for Move Days
Prior to commencement of a show set-up or dismantling, when notified by Show Management/decorator through the control room, the facility Fire Marshal may have smoke detector systems deactivated in appropriate exhibit areas if necessary. This will eliminate the possibility of false alarms due to by-products of combustion from vehicles used during set-up and dismantling. Upon completion of work activity, and prior to show opening, the show decorator/Show Management shall so inform the control room duty person.

The smoke detector systems shall then be reactivated by control room personnel.  All vehicle movement in and out of all facilities is strictly regulated.  Unloading of show material on exhibition floor is controlled. 

All fire protection and life safety systems and devices shall be fully operational before the facility is opened to the public. This will be accomplished by a final visual inspection by the Fire Marshal, of all areas and by confirmation of status of equipment through the facility fire alarm system. While a show is in progress, it will be the responsibility of the facility Fire Marshal, facility staff, Show Management staff and Exhibitors to maintain the approved clearances to all fire and safety equipment and to make sure that all emergency exits and required aisles are free of obstruction.


Pre-show Walk-through
A walk-through inspection of the exhibit area will be made prior to final approval and opening of a show by the facility Fire Marshal, Event Manager and Exhibit Manager or their officially designated representatives. Violations to these guidelines or situations posing any undue hazard to public safety shall require immediate correction.

Violations of the San Francisco Fire Department mandated guidelines observed during the operation of a show will be documented and brought to the attention of both show and facility managements for immediate correction. If, in the opinion of the facility Fire Marshal, there is an extreme hazard to safety, he has the authority to delay or terminate the show until the problems have been satisfactorily corrected.


Move-Day Access
No move-in or move-out will be allowed through the Moscone Center lobbies. Arrangements can be made to use emergency ramp access to the exhibit hall for "hand carried" materials, hand carts or other small dollies. The primary decorator of an exhibition event shall maintain control of the exhibit floor during set-up and dismantling.

  • No vehicles will be allowed in tunnel areas, loading docks or exhibit halls without proper identification.
  • Only company-owned vehicles with proper signage (permanently affixed decals) or temporary loading/unloading permits will be allowed in work areas.
  • Independent decorators and sub-contractors must be properly bonded, insured and have access permission to loading/unloading areas through the Show Management or General Service Contractor and must maintain a valid permit     from the facilities.
  • Individual Exhibitors loading/unloading merchandise must secure a temporary       access permit prior to entering booth areas from the decorator service desk or       show office.
  • Trucks are not permitted in Moscone exhibit halls unless dock space is unavailable. Idling of vehicles is prohibited.
  • No vehicles are allowed in the Esplanade Ballroom at any time unless they are part of an exhibition.


Prohibited Equipment and Operations During Move Days

The following equipment or operations are prohibited during exhibition, booth construction or dismantling:

  • Materials-handling equipment which exceeds established emission levels.
  • Electrically powered tools and equipment other than those listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. or approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  • Portable heating equipment.
  • Painting with flammable or volatile paints and finishes.
  • Any equipment or operation that increases the risk to fire and life safety.