Event-related Facility Damage Policy

The General Service Contractor engaged by the contracted Licensee is generally responsible for damage caused by its staff and subcontractors. As the contracted Licensee, Show Management is responsible for any damage caused by staff, other contractors, exhibitors, speakers, or attendees beyond that caused by the GSC. This is intended to help The Moscone Center recover costs for repairing damage to the facility (which exceeds reasonable wear and tear) caused by anyone connected with the event. Please contact your Event Manager if you notice any damage to the facility during your event.

Contractors should schedule a walk-through of the facility with the Moscone Event Manager and a designated representative of their choosing on the first day of move-in and the last day of move-out. Failure to accompany a Moscone Event Manager on a walk through assumes acceptance of all damages as noted during the walk through. ASM Global will make reasonable attempts to notify the General Service Contractor of damages that occur during an event. If facility management determines that the General Service Contractor, EAC or other Service Provider is responsible for causing damage of any kind, that party agrees to reimburse ASM/Moscone Center for the cost of repair or replacement upon submission of invoice. This includes any items left in Moscone Center post event including, but not limited to: décor, equipment, debris, or residue left behind from any show-related activity.

Failure by the GSC to promptly pay for any damage to the facility, additional post-event cleaning, or waste/debris removal will result in suspension or cancellation of permission to work in The Moscone Center until all outstanding balances have been paid.