The General Service Contractor or other Service Provider is responsible for removing trash, recyclables and any tape or markings from the exhibit floor at the conclusion of each event, returning the floor area(s) to ASM in the same condition as received, excepting normal wear and tear. This applies to any tape residue, paint or other damage to or discoloration of the floor and any debris that is left on the floor or in the loading docks.

All pallets and crates must also be removed from The Moscone Center upon move out. Failure to do so will result in the disposal of the items at the expense of the Contractor

Cleaning of exhibit floor and contractor-carpeted areas (such as lobbies) during move-in, event and move-out is the responsibility of the General Services Contractor through an approved booth cleaning company.

Proof of an agreement for booth cleaning will be provided to ASM upon request. While costs for compactor pulls are billed directly to the Licensee, ASM will invoice General Service Contractors for debris box usage.

ASM  maintains a comprehensive recycling program in compliance with state law and city ordinance. All General Contractors, EACs and other Service Providers hereby agree to cooperate in the implementation of this program in making all reasonable efforts to divert waste from the disposal stream.

ASM reserves the right to determine the cleanliness of the exhibit floor. Should ASM determine the Moscone Center floor to have been returned in an unacceptable condition, the area(s) will be cleaned by Moscone Center including removal of any remaining debris or materials, tape or tape residue, or any materials requiring special handling (such as toxic or hazardous substances), and all costs will be billed directly to Licensee.