Equipment Inventory for The Moscone Center

The following table reflects the current, all-inclusive inventory of equipment available at each Moscone building.  Equipment for each building is dedicated to that building and cannot be transferredPlease see Room Resets for further information on equipment included with your rental.  Should your requirements exceed our published inventory, please consult your GSC or other partner vendors for sourcing the necessary rental equipment.

Please note the following:

  • 8'x18" tables used as headtables & material tables come skirted 
    • Moscone North/South - black skirting
    • Moscone West - green skirting
  • 8'x18" tables used as classroom seating are not skirted
  • 72" round tables have wood tops which require linen. Linen is provided by Savor...San Francisco and is complimentary for food & beverage functions
Equipment Inventory for The Moscone Center
Equipment M North M South M West
Chairs, stacking 7,500 7.500 12,500
Tables, 8'x18" classroom 875 900 1,300
Tables, 8'x30" classroom N/A N/A 150
Tables, 72" round banquet 300 300 550
*Risers, 6'x8'x24" or 32" 50 50 90
Standing lecterns 25 25 35

*Risers, 6’x 8’x 24” or 32” high, are provided in meeting rooms for head table and/or production purposes. Risers for use in other areas of the facility are available at $2 per square foot, including installation and dismantle.

Due to usage, riser heights may vary slightly.

Railings are required on the back and sides of all risers over 30 inches. For more information see "Railing Requirements for Risers & Staging"

Equipment Inventory Updated November 2022

Facility Equipment Gallery

  • 8'x18" Table with black skirting (North/South)
    8'x18" Table with black skirting (North/South)
  • 72" round table with linen & 10 chairs - Moscone West
    72" Round Table with linen & 10 chairs (West)
  • 8'x18" table
    8'x18" table (North/South/West)
  • 72" round table with wood top
    72" Round Table (North/South/West)
  • 8'x12'x24" riser with headtable for 4, podium, & stairs (West)
    standard riserwith headtable for 4, podium, & stairs (West)
  • Wood lectern available at Moscone West
    Wood lectern (West)