Moscone Center Terraces – Rules for Use

The Moscone Center has several large terraces with sweeping city views available for your use. These are excellent spaces to catch a few moments of sunshine, engage in impromptu networking, or to create a fully tented VIP experience for your attendees.

Please let your Event Manager know how you'd like to use these spaces.

A few rules and regulations to note as you begin your planning:

  • Fire Rules/Regulations
    • All Fire Exits from the facility must be maintained.
    • Propane may not be transported through the building or freight elevators. Arrangements should be made to transport via outside fire exits from street level.
  • Tents that require only Moscone Center Fire Marshal approval:
    • Under 700 square feet
    • No walls/sides
    • No heating/propane use
  • Tents that require San Francisco Fire Department permit:
    • 700 square feet and above
    • Includes walls/sides
    • Includes heaters or propane use
    • SFFD will require an Engineer stamped drawing for ballast
  • Floor load rating for terraces100 PSF
    • Only single man lifts are approved for use on the terraces. Forklifts & scissor lifts may not be used.
    • Floor covering
      • Transitions from inside to outside should be protected to prevent cracking/damaging the tiles.
      • Coverings should be used to protect tiles from damage including rust marks from any metal equipment.
  • Furniture/Equipment
    • Some terraces have furniture already included. This furniture cannot be moved (however you can feel free to add decor or additional seating to augment what is there)
    • All seating & tables on terraces should be rental equipment (i.e. Moscone Center equipment may not be used on terraces).
  • Savor
    • Only compostable service (no glassware or glass bottling) is permissible
    • The terraces are suitable for receptions & lounges. Seated banquet functions are not suggested.
    • It is recommended that terraces with food displayed and/or served on them have a tent or canopy over the service area.
    • Any outdoor food production areas must be covered by a tent or canopy.
  • Amplified sound requires a permit through the City of San Francisco.
  • All appropriate union jurisdictions must be followed.
  • Smoking is not allowed on any terrace.
  • Please be prepared to submit contingency plans in the event of inclement weather.


Usable space diagrams can be found as a layer within our CAD drawings.