Fire Marshal Rules for Use of Restricted Items

Use, display or storage of the following materials, processes or equipment are restricted and subject to approval of the facility Fire Marshal and may also require a permit from the San Francisco Fire Department:

  •   Natural gas fired equipment.
  •   Open flame devices (including candles and cooking equipment).
  •   Exhibits involving hazardous processing or materials.
  •   Pyrotechnic displays.
  •   Liquefied petroleum gas (Ref: California Fire Code Chapter 38).
    • When approved, LPG (propane) containers having a maximum water capacity of 12lb [nominal 5lb LP-Gas capacity] may be permitted to be used temporarily inside the convention facility for public exhibitions or demonstrations. If more than one such container is located in an area, the containers shall be separated by at least 20 feet.
    • All LPG (propane) containers must be separated and inaccessible to the public. Cooking and food warming devices (see Food Preparation within exhibits in the Building Users Manual) in exhibit booths shall be isolated from the public by not less than 48 inches (1220 mm) or by a barrier between devices and public.
    • No dispensing from or refilling of LPG (propane) containers will be
      permitted inside of the convention facility.
  •    Fossil fuel powered equipment.
  •    Lasers.
  •    Hydraulically powered equipment using flammable fluids.
  •    Radiation producing devices.
  •    Flammable liquids.
  •    Welding, cutting or brazing.
  •   Other materials or processes judged by the facility Fire Marshal to increase the risk to fire and life safety.

Please Note: All Equipment must be UL Listed

Special Approval  

To obtain approval, the exhibitor shall submit in writing:

  • The nature of the process or equipment to be used.
  • The quantity of restricted materials to be used.
  • Provisions that will be made to provide fire suppression or other life safety measures. 

This request must be submitted to facility management thirty (30) days in advance of the first move-in day of the show.  It will then be given to the facility Fire Marshal who will approve or reject the request. If a San Francisco Fire Department permit is required, instruction for applying will be stated.