Floor Plan Submission & Approval Process at The Moscone Center

Initial floor plans for Exhibits, Lobbies/Corridors, and Keynotes/General Sessions must be submitted to The Moscone Center for Fire Marshal approval prior to:
  • Commencing sales of exhibit space to Exhibitors. Show Management should submit one copy of the proposed floor plan drawn to scale to the facility Fire Marshal for review before finalizing any sales transactions.
  • Finalizing plans using equipment or décor in lobbies or corridors
  • Finalizing large session production design and layout

We request that you submit floorplans for review throughout your planning process. Final floorplans for all areas listed must be submitted no later than sixty (60) days before the first day of move in.

There is no charge for Fire Marshal floor plan review. Any changes to the floor plans listed above must be resubmitted for reapproval. All floor plans should be submitted via email to events@moscone.com and to the Moscone Event Manager assigned to the event.

Strict adherence must be maintained to the Fire Marshal-approved floor plans for designated areas of use. Unapproved variations to signed plans will require dismantling.

The Moscone Center reserves the right to dismantle, rearrange, or remove any previously approved features if a threat to life safety, egress or general traffic flow is perceived on site.

Failure to comply with The Moscone Center fire and safety regulation will result in the immediate closure of the even and/or the suspension and cancellation of the Contractor or Service Providers permission to operate within The Moscone Center.


Approval & Exceptions Process

Notice of approval or rejection of a floor plan will be given within ten working days of receipt.


Review of Returned Floor Plans

Please review all returned floor plans carefully for any comments, questions, or corrections. If the plan is rejected, or questioned, the areas of concern will be marked in red ink.

Red ink markings on floor plans are for exclusive official use by The Moscone Fire Marshal approving authority.

Floor Plan Rejection Procedures

The determining factors for rejection will be outlined to facility management who will inform the appropriate show staff representative.

The plan shall then be corrected and resubmitted to facility management for final approval by The Moscone Center Fire Marshal.


Copies of Approved Floor Plans

Copies of the approved plans along with any relevant correspondence shall be maintained in the master event file, one copy to be retained by the Fire Marshal and copy of the approved plan to be prominently displayed in the decorator service area during set-up to facilitate conformance by all installing parties including Show Management.