Timeline for Important Deadlines & Benchmarks

18-12 months prior

  • Schedule a site visit with your Event Manager to finalize required space
  • License agreement signed
  • Event Manager & Catering Sales Manager assigned
    • Review Meeting Planners Handbook and Moscone Center website
  • Budget Planning Review
  • Submit General Service Contractor & Vendor list 
  • Submit preliminary floor plans
    • Review with Event Manager/Moscone Center Fire Marshal prior to booth sales
    • Include use of lobby, food service, and registration areas

7-11 months prior

  • Provide Event Manager with preliminary event timetable
    • Review event dates vs contracted dates
    • Review room sets
    • Review Equipment Inventory and identify any anticipated overages
  • Begin to coordinate needs with exclusive vendors
    • First Aid
    • Coat Check
    • Telecom/Internet
  • Obtain menus and begin to coordinate F&B needs with your Savor Catering Sales Manager
  • Provide preliminary requirements for telecom/internet/Wi-Fi needs

3-6 months prior

  • Send revised and updated floor plans (exhibit floor, registration areas, room sets, keynote) to your Event Manager and Moscone Center Fire Marshal
  • Begin to finalize food & beverage requirements with your Catering Sales Manager
  • Begin to develop security plan with Moscone Center Security and your Event Security Contractor
  • Obtain necessary forms and guidelines for your exhibitor kits from the Savor Exhibitor Services Department and Moscone Center Telecom/Internet Department
  • Obtain Digital Information Signage Information and begin planning usage
  • Schedule a tie-down planning/production meeting with your Event Manager and Catering Sales Manager
  • Sign F&B contract and provide initial guarantees and deposit to your Catering Sales Manager

1-2 months prior

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Final Event Security Plan
  • Event set-up requirements and diagrams including:
    • Production Schedules
    • Move-in/out times
    • Room usage times
    • Reset/changeover times
    • Key and lock re-core requirements
  • Final Floor Plans provided to Event Manager & Moscone Center Fire Marshal
    • Exhibits
    • Registration
    • Lobbies/public spaces
    • Keynotes
    • Large receptions
    • Room sets
  • Finalize orders for Telecom/Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Finalize orders for Catering
  • Initial Production Schedules and Rigging Plans for Keynotes/large sessions/Production areas should be provided to Event Manager and Moscone House Head
  • Final Rental Payment due
  • Deposit for F&B due 30 days prior
  • Final Payment for F&B due – contact your Catering Sales Manager for specific date due

2-3 weeks prior

  • Obtain estimate of event expenses from your Event Manager
  • Provide your Event Manager with updated final event specifications and room sets/resets
  • Updated Production Schedules for keynotes/large sessions/production areas should be provided to Event Manager & Moscone House Head
  • Confirm catering guarantees with your Catering Sales Manager
  • Provide Digital Signage content

1 week prior & on-site

  • Update Event Manager & Catering Sales Manager daily with any changes/adjustments to event requirements
  • Have an awesome event!