San Francisco Unions & Jurisdictions

The quality of San Francisco's labor force is exceptional. All of the union locals conduct frequent and extensive training for their members. Because much of the labor required for your event falls under various union jurisdictions in our facilities, it is important that you, as well as your contractors and producers, understand these functional roles so that appropriate labor can be provided. The following are the general areas that fall within union jurisdiction:

Freight and Material Handling:

Teamsters Local 85
Union Office Phone: (415) 467-0450

Sign/Display Installation and Removal:

I&D: Sign and Display Workers Local #510
is the workforce for the installation and dismantle of all exhibit displays, decorations, modular systems, specialty furniture, floor coverings, drapery and all sign/graphic applications including electronic digital signs, video walls, monitors, displays and rigging required for the above work.
Sign Display Local 510 Union Office: (415) 468-7280
Sign Display Local 510 Website:

Staging, Rigging, Theatrical Lighting, Sound and Audio-Visual Services, Computer Installation (including at Registration), and Electrical Services in a Theatrical Environment:

I.A.T.S.E. Local 16
Union Office:(415) 441-6400

Food and Beverage Services:

Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union Local 2
Union Office: (415) 864-8770

Electrical Services:

Exhibit booths - IBEW, Local 6
Union Office Phone: (415) 861-5752
(In a theatrical environment - IATSE Local 16)

Contracted Event Security Staffing:

Theatrical Employees Local B-18
Union Office Phone: (415) 974-0860

Telephone Services:

CWA / Communications Workers of America
Union Office Phone: (415) 777-9410


Moscone House Head

ASM Global will assign a Moscone House Head to your Production/General Session to assist you. The House Head will function as both the union-required Steward for I.A.T.S.E. Local 16 and as the Moscone representative, providing a seamless connection between the building, the production company, and the I.A.T.S.E. Local 16 Stagehand crews. The House Head will also issue the I.A.T.S.E. Local 16 Stewards report for the session that he or she oversees.

Moscone House Heads may also be required for other areas where extensive rigged installations are planned. 


Jurisdictional Claims

The Moscone Center observes union jurisdictional claims, which may include, but are not limited to, the installation and dismantling of exhibits and displays, material handling and drayage, audio visual, telecommunications and networking, rigging, theatrical productions, plumbing, electrical, and security.

ASM/Moscone Center management does not enforce jurisdictional claims, negotiate jurisdiction on behalf of the client or contractor, set labor rates, nor do we supply labor outside of our own needs. 

Any questions about the provision of labor within the facilities should be directed to your Event Manager, General Service Contractor, or Audio Visual provider.