Vehicles for Display/Exhibit

Liquid and Gas-Fueled Vehicles and Equipment used for display, competition or demonstration within this facility shall be in accordance with the California Fire Code, Section 2404. The pertinent sub-sections are as follows:

General Requirements

  • Batteries shall be disconnected in an approved manner.
  • Vehicles or equipment shall not be fueled or defueled within the building.
  • Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed one quarter of the tank capacity or 5 gallons (18.9L), whichever is less.
  • Fuel systems shall be inspected for leaks.
  • Fuel-tank openings shall be locked and sealed to prevent the escape of vapors.
  • In permanently carpeted areas, motor vehicles must be pushed to their designated locations. A drop cloth large enough to cover the entire undercarriage of the vehicle must be used during display.
  • Vehicles may not be started or moved under power for any reason while on carpeted surfaces.
  • Electric vehicles may not be parked for charging in carpeted surfaces.

 Special Notes on Lobbies

  • Liquid & gas-fueled vehicles, including hybrid models, may not be exhibited in any lobby spaces in Moscone West.
  • Liquid & gas-fueled vehicles may be exhibited in street level lobby spaces in Moscone North & South with written approval from the Moscone Center Fire Marshal. The location of vehicles or equipment shall not obstruct or block means of egress.


Facility Permission & Rules Governing Vehicles on Display

To obtain approval, the exhibitor shall submit in writing:

  • Description of the equipment to be displayed, including quantity.
  • Provisions that will be made to provide fire suppression or other life safety measures. 

This request must be submitted to facility management thirty (30) days in advance of the first move-in day of the show.  It will then be given to the facility Fire Marshal who will approve or reject the request.