Fire Marshal Requirements for Booths and Displays

Booth Configurations
The following booth configurations are automatically acceptable:

  • Open top exhibition booths.
  • Platforms not exceeding 500 square feet in area.


The following booth configurations will require prior approval:

  • Platforms/risers/staging (of any height) exceeding 500 square feet in area.
  • Exhibition booths with canopies.
  • Single-level covered exhibition booths
  • Booths/exhibits of a height exceeding 16'.
  • Two-story Booths
  • Any covered or two-story booths shall be noted on floor plans submitted for Fire Marshal approval.


Acceptable Materials for Booth Construction
The following types of materials will be acceptable for booth construction and decoration:

  • Wood that is properly treated as per UBC Standard 8-1, and certified (See definition of UBC Sec 207 for fire treated wood).
  • Combustible materials having a flame spread rating of less than 225 and a smoke density rating of less than 450, as determined by ASTM E84 (Tunnel Test), and certified as such.

Acceptable Interior Finishes and Furnishings
Use of the following materials and furnishings is controlled:

  • Wood that is properly treated as per UBC Standard 8-1, and certified (See definition of UBC Sec 207 for fire treated wood).
  • Drapes, hangings, curtains, and props.
  • Foam core board (PVC) shall be a certified flame resistant type.
  • Poster paper and banners. 
  • Decorative fabrics.
  • Christmas trees.  (Cut trees shall be flame retardant by a State certified applicator and a current certificate posted in booth.)
  • Motion picture screens.

All materials and furnishings shall be:

  • All other decorative materials, including plastics made from non-combustible materials; or treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by an approved flame retardant solution or process. 
  • Flame retardant treatments shall be renewed as necessary or after each cleaning.  Identification showing the date and type of treatment and the firm that treated the material shall be located on, or affixed to all treated materials or posted in booth.
  • Approved by the facility Fire Marshal when containing material constructed of plastic. (Note: Oil paper, tarpaper, sisal paper, nylon, Orlon and certain other plastic materials cannot be made flame-retardant and their use is prohibited.)
    Interior furnishings and materials shall not be located as to obstruct or block exits, fire and life safety devices or equipment. Placement of chairs in aisles and corridors is strictly prohibited.  Chairs shall remain within booth boundaries and under strict control of booth operator.